En låt per bild

I wanna lay by a lake in norway
I wanna walk through swedish fields of green
I wanna see the forests of finland
I wanna sail on a boat on the baltic sea
I wanna feel a russian winter
I wanna go to my polish grandmothers home
I wanna see hungarian lanterns
I wanna walk on a road that leads to rome

I wanna be free as the winds that blow past me
Clear as the air that I breathe
To be young as the morning and old as the sea
Vad du än gör ta inga råd från mig
Jag vet, de fungerar inge bra
Jag får liksom ingen ordning på mitt liv
Det kan va så förfärligt, det kan va så bra
Om nätterna har jag förskingrat så mycket förstånd
Det kanske var pundigt, det kanske var bra
Oh tell my why, it's Christmas only once a year
We should spread it out a little here and there
Do a sleigh ride, next to a hayride, during Gay Pride in July
She just wanted time to
Look up in the sky
Feel the rain fall in her face when heaven cries
But her friends they start to worry
And wonder if she's sad
But she never thought loneliness was bad

Oh when the ravens call her
Wanting her to come home
Oh when the ravens call her
Wanting her to come home

But like a cabin out in nowhere
She's more of a loner

Smith & Tell

When I run out of air to breathe
It's your ghost I see
I'll be thinking about you, about you
It was almost love, it was almost...
We bleed ourselves in vain
How tragic is this game?
Turn around, I'm holding on to someone
But the love is gone
Carrying the load, with wings that feel like stone
Knowing that we nearly fell so far now
It's hard to tell

Never thought that I was weak
Always thought I could get hurt pretty bad
Still get up on my own two feet

I always believed that I was free
That I had some sense of integrity
That would rise above whatever tried to change me

But honey, now I won't wait
For something to bring me round and smile
'Cause that only sticks for a while
Then I'm back again

Oh, I'm a master pretender
Solen går upp över kåk och gränd
Våren är ung och oanvänd
Sången ekar från himmelen sänd
Det är ett stort liv
Ingen ska se mig gå ner mig
Jag kommer tillbaka
Här guppar ingen herrelös båt
Ett vingslag får luften att skaka
Ingen ska se mig gå ner mig, aldrig se mig så
Keep dreaming, keep lying, keep walking, keep trying
Keep asking for so much more
Keep living, keep dying, keep aging, keep trying
Keep asking for so much more

Mama used to say
"Son, allt kommer bli bra"
Even when it seems unlikely
Allt kommer bli bra
I'm at home
On my own
Check my phone
Nothing though
Act busy
Order in
Pay TV
It's agony

I may cry, ruining my makeup
Wash away all the things you've taken
And I don't care if I don't look pretty
Big girls cry when their hearts are breaking
Innan du vet ordet av, har dagarna försvunnit bort
Du frågar då precis som jag
Hur kunde livet va så kort
Ta plats min vän, världen är din
Nu finns det inga men, sätt den i spinn
Snurra den du
Höj våga vind, det är det i nu
Det är bara nu
Världen är din
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